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Rocket Espresso R58 Cinquantotto Review (Is It Right for You?)

Rocket Cinquantotto

Wondering if the Rocket Espresso Cinquantotto is right for you?

Buying an espresso machine is a real investment, so it’s a fair question to ask if it’s a good match before buying. We’ve created this guide so you can learn more about this model and decide if it’s suitable for your home.

Here’s what we’ll show you:

  • Some of the best features of this machine and why they’re important.
  • Other espresso machines that are comparable to the Cinquantotto.
  • Some brief background information on Rocket, the company that manufactures this machine.
  • The settings we recommend using this espresso machine in.

Let’s get started with the review.

Quick Summary

Rocket Cinquantotto PID

The Rocket Espresso Cinquantotto is one of the newest additions to the Rocket family. It upgrades many of the features of the previous R58 models, especially when it comes to temperature control.

Tweaking the temperatures in its powerful dual boiler system couldn’t get any easier. As opposed to using a controller operated with buttons, you have a beautiful, full-color, and simple touchscreen.

Making rapid temperature adjustments is as simple as using your phone. Just swipe and tap at the screen to make any necessary alterations.

Key Features and How They Impact You

Dual Boilers

If you’re familiar with home espresso machines (or even just coffee makers), then you know that they can take some time to warm up. When you’re in a hurry, this brief warm-up time can be a hassle. Stack any extra time on top of that, and you might find yourself late to work or your obligations.

Now imagine if, on top of the warm-up time, you wanted to make a latte but couldn’t froth your milk while your espresso brews. That just increases the length of time you need to wait before you can enjoy your drink.

This isn’t an issue with the Cinquantotto. It has two boilers nestled inside its stainless steel frame.

One boiler heats your brewing water, and the second boiler heats your steaming water. This means you can fly through drink creation by steaming and brewing at the same time.

At home, that’s a luxury. In a business, like an office kitchen, small coffee shop, or hotel, this time-saving quality is a necessity.

Pour-Over or Direct-Connect Plumbing

Rocket Cinquantotto Pour Over or Direct connect

Regardless of your circumstances, it’s always nice to have options. The Cinquantotto provides you those options when it comes to plumbing.

There are two main ways of supplying water to your espresso machine: pour-over and direct-connect. Pour-over machines need you to add water manually to their reservoirs.

This sounds inconvenient, and it can be when you’re making back-to-back drinks. But the benefit is that it allows you to operate your espresso machine from anywhere, provided it has an outlet.

Direct-connect espresso machines hook up to your water line. Once hooked up, they refill their reservoirs automatically throughout the day.

The Cinquantotto can function either way. You can use it as a pour-over with its 2.5-liter reservoir, which can go for a long time in between refills.

Or you can hook it up to your water line if you don’t want to have to bother with refills. This is perfect for employees who need to cut down on time in making orders or people at home who aren’t as familiar with espresso machines.

Touchscreen PID Temperature Controller

The best espresso needs the optimal circumstances. Water pressure and temperature are crucial to crafting a taste you or your customers are sure not to forget anytime soon.

Control over these factors helps you ensure each beverage is as good as the last. That’s where the Cinquantotto’s PID temperature controller comes in.

Using the controller, you can make minute changes to the temperatures in both the machine’s boilers. You can do this entirely through a full-color touchscreen, too.

The touchscreen really brings the machine into the modern era. No more clunky-looking PID temperature controllers that you’ll want to hide away in between uses.

E-61 Commercial Group

An E-61 commercial group head comes with two benefits: increased thermal stability and pre-infusion.

Temperatures are critical for the brewing of espresso. An experienced espresso drinker will notice differences in flavor based on the temperature it was brewed at. For that reason, unexpected temperature fluctuations can take an otherwise perfect shot and make it intolerable.

The E-61 commercial brew group prevents that from happening. You can expect your temperatures to be stable at all times while making your drinks.

Pre-infusion is like an invisible safeguard for your espresso. Before full water pressure is applied, a soft stream of water is released into the portafilter to settle the grounds inside.

What this does is ensure your espresso can be extracted evenly. It makes the end flavor well-rounded and enjoyable, even for those who don’t know a whole lot about espresso.

Rotary Pump

In every single espresso machine, there’s a pump that generates the water pressure you need for brewing. There are two kinds of pumps commonly used: vibratory and rotary pumps.

Their purpose is the same: to force water through your portafilter. However, there are some differences between them.

Rotary pumps are known for being quieter than vibratory pumps. They’re also longer lasting.

Partly because of its pump, the Cinquantotto is a machine made to last, especially with its high-quality components.

Comparable Alternatives

Rocket Giotto Evoluzione

Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R Espresso Machine

If you’re a small business or home coffee enthusiast, the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione is a wise choice. It has a powerful 1.8-liter heat exchange boiler, which makes it possible for you to steam and brew simultaneously.

One of the benefits to a heat exchange boiler like this is that, as a single-boiler design, it doesn’t necessarily take as long to heat up when you first turn it on. In other words, you get to sip on your luxurious espresso that much sooner than some other espresso machines.

These are some other highlights you can look forward to with the Giotto Evoluzione:

  • No-burn hot water and steam wands.
  • Optional direct-connect or pour-over plumbing.
  • A water sensor will flash on when more water needs to be added to the reservoir.
  • Has a quiet rotary pump.

Rocket Appartamento

Rocket Appartamento

The Rocket Appartamento espresso machine is a classic. Look around in forums or ask anyone what the gold standard is for home espresso machines, and you’ll probably see a lot of people recommending it.

Why is it the gold standard? For one, consider its gorgeous stainless steel case. The material makes it a tough, long-lived machine, while the circular cutouts on the side give it an artistic look.

It doesn’t stop at looks, though. Aside from being affordable, here are some other highlights of the Appartamento:

  • E-61 Commercial Brew Group.
  • No-burn hot water and steam wands.
  • Built-in cup-warming shelf on top.
  • Low water sensor.

Brand Background

What kind of company makes these high-end espresso machines?

Rocket has an interesting background and philosophy. They subscribe to the “fatto o mano” tradition, which is Italian for “made by hand.”

Every single espresso machine that comes out of their facilities is made by a team of craftsmen. This means each one is meticulously crafted to guarantee top-notch quality.

When you choose any Rocket espresso machine, you can anticipate a long lifespan filled with some of the best-tasting espresso you’ve ever had.

Best Applications

The Cinquantotto would work best in small businesses or homes.

On a home countertop, it will go above and beyond your expectations. Its double boiler system will have no problem whipping through your daily coffee.

However, the Cinquantotto could also work in a range of smaller businesses. Office kitchens, small coffee shops, and hotels are all possibilities for this powerful machine.

What Customers Say

As of the time of this review, we haven’t heard back from any customers regarding the Rocket Espresso R58 Cinquantotto.

But we can say that our customers have loved similar machines, such as the Appartamento. Given that this model is from the same manufacturer beloved by espresso experts around the world, we feel it’s pretty safe to say that the Cinquantotto would please any discerning barista.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s a pretty good-looking machine, either.

Pricing Considerations

You can find this gorgeous espresso machine in our store for $3,200. You can check it out here if you’re interested in reading some additional information about it or viewing the user manual.

The Rocket Appartamento is also available in our store for $1,690 while the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione is available for $2,600.

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