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Mazzer Super Jolly Review

The right espresso grinder will elevate your coffee, but how do you choose the right one? Whether you're searching for a grinder that fits your home, office or business needs, use this Mazzer Super Jolly review as a guide. We'll tell you everything you need to know about the Mazzer Super Jolly to help you decide if it's a match.

Mazzer Super Jolly Doser Espresso Grinder 2810

We'll be discussing...

  • The Mazzer Super Jolly's key features and what they actually mean for you.
  • Different grinder configurations and what they offer.
  • A brand reliability assessment, including background information.
  • Alternative grinder models to compare to the Mazzer Super Jolly.
  • What types of operations this grinder works best for.

Let's talk about the features first...

Quick Summary

Mazzer Super Jolly

Mazzer Super Jolly Doser Espresso Grinder 2810

Adaptable to specialty cafes as well as home kitchens, this espresso grinder produces consistent, high-quality results with flat burrs and a low blade speed. A Mazzer Super Jolly is perfect if you need an espresso grinder that provides cool grinding for a low-volume to medium-volume shop.

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Key Features And What They Mean


The Mazzer Super Jolly's doser mechanism allows you to accurately dose the coffee, providing precision that will result in a better cup of coffee.

The grinder will dispense the exact amount of coffee grounds as needed for an espresso. Not only does this guarantee a perfectly portioned dose, it provides consistency so that every espresso is perfectly measured for optimal extraction.

If you're an espresso enthusiast building your home coffee station or a business owner offering premium coffee, you can rely on a doser grinder to limit human error and promote a consistently excellent product.

Flat Burrs

You can find flat burr grinders in high-end coffee shops everywhere. They're known to deliver a richly extracted coffee and amplify distinct layers of flavor.

The Mazzer Super Jolly's 64 mm burrs create uniform coffee particles that will facilitate a smoother, more balanced extraction process.

How well your coffee is extracted starts with the grind. If you own a coffee shop, this is critical for establishing your business as a top coffee destination.

Low Blade Speed

At 1,600 RPM, the Mazzer Super Jolly's blade speed promotes a cool grinding environment for the beans.

It's important to pay attention to temperature control when selecting a grinder. Overheating will compromise the quality of the coffee beans, making them taste burned and bitter.

Because the Mazzer Super Jolly operates at a low speed, there's no risk of heat damage, ensuring a better-tasting product.

Stepless Grind Adjustment

With stepless micrometrical grind adjustment, you can zero in on the precise grind setting for every coffee profile.

The Mazzer Super Jolly's micro-tuning allows baristas to make the smallest of changes to the grind that will make big impacts on flavor.

Large Hopper

The Mazzer Super Jolly hopper can hold up to 2.7 pounds of coffee beans, which is particularly useful for cafes.

Having a grinder with a large enough hopper to prepare for the rush gives baristas the opportunity to focus on speed, efficiency and customer service without being interrupted by an empty hopper.

Different Configurations

Mazzer Super Jolly Doser Espresso Grinder 2810

Mazzer Super Jolly Doser Espresso Grinder 2810

The Mazzer Super Jolly Doser Espresso Grinder's doser mechanism lets you change the dosing levels from 5.5 to nine grams. The coffee is ground into a doser chamber and then accurately portioned into the portafilter.

This is an adaptable model for coffee lovers and professionals looking for a quality machine with a high standard of performance. In short, it will help you make a great cup of coffee.

If the space you have for a grinder is on the small side, check out the Mazzer Mini short hopper, which lowers the height of the grinder to 19 inches. (The hopper, lid and sliding trap door are sold separately.)

Mazzer Super Jolly E Doser Espresso Grinder 2810E

Mazzer Super Jolly E Doser Espresso Grinder 2810E

With an electronic dosing system, the Mazzer Super Jolly E offers on-demand grinding that portions the coffee directly into the portafilter in single or double shot doses.

This configuration also has a digital display with a shot counter that increases the user friendliness of the grinder. Like the first configuration, this one will fit the Mazzer Mini short hopper if you need a more compact version.

For the quickest, simplest dosing with high precision, the Mazzer Super Jolly E is an excellent choice.

Comparable Alternatives

Mazzer Major Timer/Doser Coffee Grinder 2822

Mazzer Major Timer Doser Coffee Grinder 2822

As another doser grinder with a large hopper and flat grinding discs, the Mazzer Major can be compared to the Mazzer Super Jolly.

Here are some of the Mazzer Major's features:

  • 83 mm grinding discs
  • 2.7-pound bean hopper
  • 1,600 RPM blade speed

The burrs in the Mazzer Major are larger at 83 mm. Bigger burrs can easily handle larger quantities of coffee beans. They also tend to be highly efficient at keeping the beans cool.

The Mazzer Major does have a higher price tag, though both grinders are rated for medium consumption. 

Mazzer Robur Electronic Espresso Grinder 2844E

Mazzer Robur Electronic Espresso Grinder 2844E

If you're looking for a grinder to compare with the Mazzer Super Jolly E, try the Mazzer Robur Electronic Espresso Grinder.

Here are some of the functions these grinders share:

  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Grinding on demand
  • Single or double electronic dosing
  • Digital display with a shot counter
  • Low blade speed

One of the big differences is in the Mazzer Robur's burr type. With 71 mm conical burrs, the Mazzer Robur grinds at a lower blade speed than flat burr grinders, providing the greatest temperature control.

The conical burrs won't grind the coffee with the same particle consistency, but this doesn't mean poor flavor quality. Rather, it means access to different styles of shot pulling. 

No matter which type of grinder you invest in, you'll need to account for burr type in your grind settings to craft excellent espresso.

About the Brand


Created in the 1940s on the outskirts of Venice, Italy, Mazzer is a well established company designing top quality grinders. The name garners worldwide recognition in a higher standard of coffee equipment.

Mazzer focuses on making professional machines for high-end coffee shops, which means that both cafes and individuals can enjoy expertly crafted coffee with a Mazzer grinder.

For other grinder models, see the Mazzer Kony Electronic Espresso Grinder and the Mazzer Mini Doser and Timer Short Hopper Coffee Grinder.

Ideal Machine Applications

The Mazzer Super Jolly is an ideal grinder for small to medium cafes (particularly specialty coffee shops) as well as home espresso setups.

That being said, choosing the right configuration depends on the application.

For shops that are plenty busy with long lines of customers, the Mazzer Super Jolly without electronic dosing can facilitate fast service that customers and your business will mutually benefit from.

Whether you own a small to medium business with a more relaxed pace or you're an individual looking for a professional grinder, the Mazzer Super Jolly E is a highly efficient option that won't grind an excess of coffee that you won't be able to use up in time.

What Customers Say

Our customers find that their Mazzer grinders are long-lasting and durable, even in high-volume cafes where they're put to the test with heavy use.

They're easy to use, hard-working and affordable for a wide range of budgets. It's hard not to love these grinders.


We proudly offer our Mazzer Super Jolly grinders at some of the lowest prices you'll find.

After a 20-percent discount, our Mazzer Super Jolly Doser Espresso Grinder is priced at $795. Our Mazzer Super Jolly E comes in Silver for $1,195 or Black for $1,179.50.

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