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La Spaziale Vivaldi vs Dream

In this guide, we're going to compare the La Spaziale Vivaldi vs Dream. You'll learn the crucial details so that you can decide which espresso machine is best for you.


Here's what you're going to learn...

  • Which features the La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II and the S1 Dream share.
  • The features that make these espresso machines unique and how they work.
  • How to assess which machine is right for you or your business.

Quick Summary

La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II

La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II VIVALDI-II

A volumetric machine like the S1 Vivaldi II can help you make expert espresso at home or in a small business like an office or restaurant at the touch of a button. Pick this model if you want an easy-to-use single-group machine complete with built-in diagnostics.

La Spaziale S1 Dream

La Spaziale S1 Dream S1-DREAM

Giving you the options of volumetric and manual dosing, the S1 Dream caters to beginners to experts and makes an ideal home, office, or small restaurant machine. This model is for business owners who want advanced technology to make espresso drink production faster and smoother.

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Small Business and Home Applications

The La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II and S1 Dream are built for small businesses. This means that they'll deliver cafe quality espressos at a comfortable rate for smaller establishments, even during the busier hours of the day.

With their high quality construction and professional results, the S1 Vivaldi II and S1 Dream are also geared toward the prosumer searching for a machine to complete a home espresso setup.

Designed with robust commercial parts and easy-to-use features, these espresso machines are excellent for beginners and skilled users alike.

Stainless Steel Construction

The stainless steel panels on the S1 Vivaldi II and S1 Dream are both resilient and pleasing to look at.

Easily cleaned and polished, they'll deliver a mirror shine and enhance any home or business environment.

You can also count on stainless steel to be durable and long-lasting, helping your investment go further.

Volumetric Dosing

These espresso machines feature volumetric dosing, a form of automatic dosing that increases consistency in busy cafes.

Simply put, the machine will ensure dosing accuracy. The user can program single and double shots into the machine by volume so that when the doses are selected, the machine automatically dispenses the correct amount of water.

As the machine will end the brew cycle when the appropriate volume is reached, the operator can attend to other important tasks at the same time and increase productivity.

Dual Boiler

Brewing and steaming temperatures are necessarily different. This is why many espresso machines use special systems to maintain these temperatures and allow users to brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously.

La Spaziale's approach is to equip the S1 Vivaldi II and S1 Dream with a dual boiler system, dedicating one boiler to brewing and one to steaming.

A bonus to this system is an ample amount of steam power. You'll be able to texture milk for lattes and cappuccinos to perfection.

Pour-over and Plumbed Options

Espresso machines come in either pour-over or plumbed-in (also called direct-connect) types.

As pour-over machines, the S1 Mini Vivaldi II and the S1 Dream T are the configurations with water reservoirs that the user refills manually as they get low. 

Since the direct-connect S1 Vivaldi II and S1 Dream are plumbed into a water source, there's no need for manual refilling—the machine will receive an automatic supply.

A pour-over espresso machine can offer portability as it doesn't need to be placed near a water line, but a plumbed-in machine makes hooking up a water softener that will curb scaling issues easy.

Plumbed-in machines are also beneficial in busy environments where employees don't have time to stop and replenish the reservoir in the middle of the most productive part of the day.


An espresso machine with pre-infusion uses an initial phase of brewing in which the coffee in the group head is immersed in water before the full brew cycle is activated.

This serves to settle the coffee and mitigate any issues related to improper tamping, including channeling. More importantly, it creates an evenly extracted espresso with a fully developed flavor profile.

Programmable pre-infusion comes standard in the La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II and the S1 Dream (The S1 Mini Vivaldi II and the S1 Dream T have optional pre-infusion chambers that mimic this function).

Output Capacity

The S1 Vivaldi II and the S1 Dream are both rated for a production capacity of approximately 20 espressos per hour.

This capacity will facilitate a steady pace for the average small business, and both office employees and home users will certainly find these machines to be more than capable of meeting their needs.

Pressure Gauges

The dual manometer on the S1 Vivaldi II will show you the boiler pressure as well as pump pressure in the machine.

Monitoring the boiler pressure makes things a little easier by showing you when it's time to brew or steam.

The brew pressure gauge displays how many bars the machine is reaching while brewing so that you can make sure it's getting to the requisite nine bars. Otherwise, you may need to tweak your brew ratio. 

The S1 Dream T also comes with the dual monometer while the S1 Dream displays the pump pressure on the LED screen and the boiler pressure on a gauge near the portafilter.

Articulating Steam Wands

Articulating steam wands make steaming milk on the S1 Vivaldi II and S1 Dream easier than ever, especially if you're using different pitcher sizes.

Since you can rotate and reposition the steam wands as needed, angling the pitcher for the best texture and heat distribution will come naturally.

There's also a new four-hole steam tip that will encourage excellent microfoam and perfectly steamed milk that will be ready in a flash.

Key Differences

Temperature Control

Using programmable offset differential, the S1 Vivaldi II allows you to adjust the group temperature in increments of one degree Fahrenheit through the touch pad.

The difference between brewing and steam temperature is measured and programmed into the S1 Vivaldi II by La Spaziale so that all the user needs to do is select the desired temperature.

Similar to the S1 Vivaldi II, you can adjust the group temperature in the S1 Dream by one degree, but you also have access to the steam temperature.

The S1 Dream features a PID control system, which uses an algorithm to auto-adjust temperatures and keep them within the appropriate range.

La Spaziale S1 Dream Manual Dosing Option

The La Spaziale S1 Dream combines volumetric and manual dosing in one espresso machine.

Whereas volumetric dosing is controlled by the machine (after the user selects the dose and begins the brew cycle), manual dosing is controlled by the user.

Because the user is required to start and stop the brew cycle, more training is required than with volumetric settings. 

However, skilled users will have the ability to customize espresso shots and pull longer or shorter shots on demand.

La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II Built-In Diagnostics

Maintenance is definitely not the fun part of owning an espresso machine. Fortunately, the S1 Vivaldi II's built-in diagnostic system will take some of the burden off your shoulders.

If an issue is occurring, the machine is designed to alert you so that you can fix it ASAP. This will help you keep the machine healthy in the long run.

La Spaziale S1 Dream Programmable Hot Water Spigot

The S1 Dream's hot water spigot can be programmed to automatically dispense a specific amount of water.

This means that when you're making Americanos and teas, you can simply hit the button and let the machine take care of the rest.

The hot water spigot on the S1 Dream is also adjustable so that you can swivel it if you need to reposition cups of different sizes.

La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II Built-in Pump Safety Mechanism

Improving the self-maintenance of the machine, the S1 Vivaldi II is equipped with a safety cutout built into the vibratory pump.

In case of arising issues, this feature will help to protect the machine, as well as your investment.

La Spaziale S1 Dream SD Card Reader

With the S1 Dream SD card reader, you can easily read and write individual coffee profiles and programs.

The card reader also makes it simple to install software updates downloaded from La Spaziale's website.

Also ultra convenient is the location of the card reader port, accessible right on the front of the espresso machine.

Price Considerations

Our La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II and S1 Dream espresso machines are priced to meet your budget needs.

We offer the S1 Vivaldi II in Black or Red for $2,575 and the S1 Mini Vivaldi II in Black or Red for $1,895 (available in Wood for an additional $350). 

Our S1 Dream models come in Red or Black for $2,395 and in Wood for $2,645. The S1 Dream T also comes in Red or Black for $2,095 and in Wood for $2,345.

So Which Should You Buy?

Both of these La Spaziale models are great for a small business like a restaurant or office, or even for home users.

Ideally, your espresso machine will have the features to support your skill level and individual requirements.

With additional manual dosing, the S1 Dream makes a good option for those with a little more training to operate the manual button. Easy access to software updates is also a bonus.

If you prefer the idea of having a built-in alert system and you want the maximum potential from your milk steaming, the S1 Vivaldi II may be the best choice.

And if you're choosing between pour-over and plumbed-in configurations, consider the plumbed-in if you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to maintenance. This typically applies to businesses large and small as well as many home espresso enthusiasts.

Bottom line: With these machines, it really boils down to preference. They're both excellent machines with similar features for the prosumer.

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