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La Spaziale S2 Review – What You Should Know Before Buying

Wondering if the La Spaziale S2 is right for you or your business? We're combing through all the details in this La Spaziale S2 review to help you make the decision.

La Spaziale S2 Tall Cup 2 Group Volumetric S2-2G-TC-A

Here's what you're going to learn about...

  • The key features of the La Spaziale S2 and how they help your business.
  • Why the different configurations of this machine suit different needs.
  • A little background on the brand and its reputation in the industry.
  • How the La Spaziale S2 compares to a few similar models.
  • What types of operations this machine is built for.

Let's dive in...

Quick Summary

La Spaziale S2

La Spaziale S2 2 Group Volumetric Espresso Machine S2-2G-AV

This volumetric commercial espresso machine is best suited to small to large cafes that need to streamline beverage production and make machine operation easy for baristas at any level of expertise (including beginners). You may choose this machine if you're looking for a large output capacity combined with options like a tall cup feature to fit multiple cup sizes under the group heads or a compact machine size to accommodate smaller counter spaces. 

Key Features And What They Mean

Volumetric Dosing

With volumetric dosing, the La Spaziale S2 eliminates a significant variability factor when it comes to espresso quality.

Volumetric machines can be programmed by the barista to automatically measure out the optimal water volume for every espresso shot pulled throughout the day. 

The bottom line: When the busy season hits, your baristas won't have to sacrifice quality for speed while they're keeping an eye on multiple drink orders at once.

Quiet Rotary Pump

You can expect the rotary pump in these machines to be quiet as a mouse. More importantly, they offer efficiency and consistency in espresso production, speedily reaching the requisite nine bars of pressure for an evenly extracted espresso.

In the world of espresso, consistency is key in winning over even the most discerning customers. 

Stainless Steel Body

From the frame to the steam wands, our La Spaziale S2 machines are solid stainless steel, making them extremely durable with a significantly decreased chance of breaking down.  

There's an added bonus, too—stainless steel is easy to clean and will enhance the aesthetic value of your business from the customer's perspective.

Hot Water Outlet

Imagine your baristas needing to stop in the middle of every Americano order to get hot water from the dispenser, wherever it may in the bar area. It may only eat up twenty, thirty seconds, but in the middle of the rush, every delay add up.

That won't happen with a hot water outlet built right into the espresso machine. It's also great for tea orders—just fill the cup with hot water while working on espresso drinks. Production is faster and everyone wins—you, your baristas and your customers.

Automatic Boiler Refill

Commercial enterprises need reliable water refill systems so that they don't get stuck in the middle of the business day replenishing an empty reservoir. Our direct-connect La Spaziale S2 espresso machines fill automatically, preventing unnecessary stop-ups in your operation.

Additionally, direct connect machines give you the opportunity to add a filter or water softener to the water line, improving espresso taste and guarding against machine breakage from scaling issues.

Different Configurations

La Spaziale S2 1 Group Volumetric S2-1G-AV

La Spaziale S2 1 Group Volumetric S2-1G-AV

The La Spaziale S2 1 Group Volumetric is the basic model with one group and a modest width of approximately 20 inches. 

If you're looking for a home espresso machine to make superb lattes or you own a business that serves a limited number of espresso drinks, this three-liter boiler machine is a reliable, cost-effective option.

La Spaziale S2 Spazio 2 Group Volumetric S2-SPAZIO-2G-AV

La Spaziale S2 Spazio 2 Group Volumetric S2-SPAZIO-2G-AV

With a five-liter boiler and two groups, the S2 Spazio 2 Group Volumetric offers maximized efficiency in an establishment that makes up to 200 drinks per day. One of its most desirable aspects, however, is its compact size.

This machine has an approximate 21-inch width, which means that you can squeeze it into a tight space without overcrowding, just like you can with the 1 Group.

La Spaziale S2 2 Group Volumetric S2-2G-AV

La Spaziale S2 2 Group Volumetric Espresso Machine S2-2G-AV

At 27 inches wide, this is a machine for businesses that have the room and need a sturdy machine to keep up with customer traffic.

If your business does more than 200 espresso beverages per day, opting for the S2 2 Group Volumetric with its 10-liter boiler capacity is recommended.

La Spaziale S2 Tall Cup 2 Group Volumetric S2-2G-TC-AV

La Spaziale S2 Tall Cup 2 Group Volumetric S2-2G-TC-A

This is the version of the S2 2 Group Volumetric that accommodates tall cups. What this means for your business is that you can offer faster service for multiple cup sizes.

Our Tall Cap machines let baristas place large cups right under the group heads while the espresso shots pour, cutting out the time it would otherwise take to brew into shot glasses and carefully transfer into cups. 

This also ensures that the crema on the espresso remains undisturbed, which will make customers and latte artists happy.

Comparable Alternatives

Nuova Simonelli Appia II Compact

appia ii compact

Nuova Simonelli's Appia II Compact shares many key features with the La Spaziale S2 Spazio, including:

  • Two groups
  • Compact width
  • Volumetric dosing (if you select the Appia II with this feature)

However, the Appia II is the pricier machine as it offers some different features:

  • Cool touch wands
  • Soft infusion system
  • Raised group heads for taller cups
  • Capacity to independently set the temperature for each group head

Depending on your business, however, you might not need any extra bells and whistles. A full analysis of your exact needs will guide you in the right direction.

Nuova Simonelli Appia II Volumetric

appia ii volumetric espresso machine

With raised group heads, the Nuova Simonelli Appia II Volumetric is a good alternative to the La Spaziale S2 Tall Cup model and comes in options of one, two and three groups.

This machine is also a bit more expensive as it offers a few extras. One key difference is the availability of the Tall Cup feature for single-group machines.

With the single-group machine, you can also opt for "autosteam," which lets baristas froth milk to the perfect temperature at the push a button.

About the Brand

la spaziale logo

La Spaziale was founded in 1969 by espresso machine experts with a vision of advancing the technology of the time. The company continues to set its sights on the most innovative technology today, making advanced, yet simple equipment.

This brand is well-respected in the industry and designs a number of direct-connect and pour-over machine lines, including the S1 Dream, the S9 and the Vivaldi II.

Ideal Machine Applications

To choose the right machine for you, you need to know how the different La Spaziale S2 configurations suit personal and commercial applications.

Home users, small cafes and businesses that are not coffee-centric would likely find their ideal machine in the basic S2 1 Group Volumetric. Remember, basic doesn't mean less-than. In this case, it means efficient, cost-effective and practical.

The 2 Group machines are best for commercial enterprises, including coffee shops, cafes and restaurants.

For small to medium businesses, the S2 Spazio 2 Group Volumetric can provide fast and efficient espresso production while the S2 2 Group Volumetric can accommodate medium to large businesses.

The busier coffee shops can expect to look more toward the S2 Tall Cup 2 Group Volumetric so that they don't fall behind in the drink lines. 

What Customers Say

We tend to receive quite positive feedback on our La Spaziale products. We're told that they're hardy machines that rarely have any service issues. 

These machines are hard-working and hassle-free, requiring minimal maintenance while keeping up with a demanding pace.


Our La Spaziale S2 machines offer balance between masterful functionality and affordability. Because we strive to serve our customers' needs to the best of our ability, we also offer discounted rates on all of our La Spaziale S2 machines.

Our single-group S2 machines are some of the most affordable with a discount of 20 percent, bringing the cost from $4,688 down to $3,750. 

With the exception of the S2 Tall Cup, which comes to $6,350 after discounts, the 2 Group machines fall within the economical $5,000-dollar range.

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