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La Spaziale S1 Dream Review – Should Your Business Buy This Machine?

How do you know if the La Spaziale S1 Dream is right for you or your business? By the end of this review, you'll have all the information you need to make the decision.


You're going to find out...

  • What the La Spaziale S1 Dream's key features actually mean for you.
  • Which configurations this machine comes in and advice on which one to pick.
  • How the S1 Dream compares to similar models.
  • What types of operations people buy this machine for.
  • What the brand's history is and whether it's reliable.

Let's get started...

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Key Features And What They Mean

Stainless Steel Panels

The new stainless steel front and back panels on our La Spaziale S1 Dream espresso machines ensure longevity and durability, but also a neat and polished appearance.

It may seem like a small thing, but a shining espresso machine adds an element of visual professionalism to your decor.

Dual Boiler

Busy establishments benefit from the power provided by a dual boiler system. When the espresso line is out the door, you'll know that your machine can handle anything thrown at it.

With a dual boiler, your baristas will be able to brew espresso, steam milk and dispense hot water for Americanos and teas without exhausting the system during a rush.

Programmable Passive Pre-Infusion Options

screen of LA SPAZIALE S1 DREAM screen

A pre-infusion system delivers hot water to the coffee with gentle pressure to pre-wet the coffee, promoting even saturation before the pressurized water comes through the group head.

Ultimately, this elevates the quality of your product by guaranteeing even extraction and elimination of human error related to improper tamping.

*Check the different configurations below for more details on this feature.

Volumetric Dosing

Ensuring consistency in espresso extraction no matter who is operating the machine can be a challenge, even for the most successful businesses.

Volumetric dosing is the solution. Simply program the correct espresso volume into the machine and each shot will be pulled to your specifications.

Manual Semi-Automatic Button

This is a nice touch for baristas who want a little more of a hands-on experience in espresso timing.

Whereas the volumetric function measures out a precise amount of water for every espresso shot according to programming, the semi-automatic button allows the barista to pull long shots, ristretto shots and everything in between on the fly.

Built-in Clock with Programmable Timer

If you've ever needed to buy a kitchen timer gadget to attach to an espresso machine (or seen this done), rest assured that you can skip this for the S1 Dream. 

It comes with its own built-in clock and timer you can program for easy use. Sometimes the little things create a big impact. 

Different Configurations

La Spaziale S1 Dream S1-DREAM

La Spaziale S1 Dream S1-DREAM

As a plumbed machine, the La Spaziale S1 Dream is hooked up directly to your water line. It's the ultimate in convenience and efficiency as your water reservoir automatically refills.

Since you can install a water filter or softener in a direct-connect machine, you also don't have to worry about heavy scaling that will cause your machine to break down.

Here are some of the additional features offered on the S1 Dream:

  • Programmable hot water spigot
  • Steam tip with four 0.9 mm holes
  • Boiler manometer
  • Rotary pump

La Spaziale S1 Dream T S1-DREAM-T

La Spaziale S1 Dream T S1-DREAM-T

This is the pour-over S1 Dream that requires manual reservoir refilling. Sometimes this machine type comes down to personal preference, but it can also be an option for occasional use in any room, regardless of access to a water line.

The S1 Dream T also comes with the option of a pre-infusion setting (it's a standard feature of the S1 Dream).

Comparable Alternatives

La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II VIVALDI-II

La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II VIVALDI-II

Belonging to another one of La Spaziale's product lines, the S1 Vivaldi II is a very close cousin to the S1 Dream.

This direct-connect machine comes with the following:

  • Pre-infusion
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Dual boiler
  • Rotary pump
  • Group temperature control adjustable through the touch pad
  • Volumetric dosing

These machines do differ slightly in price, though not by much. A key difference in their makeup is that there's a newly designed programmable touchpad on the S1 Dream.

Nuova Simonelli Oscar II NS-Oscar-II-Model-1

Nuova Simonelli Oscar II NS-Oscar-II-Model-1

If you're searching for a pour-over machine, the Nuova Simonelli Oscar II is good alternative to the La Spaziale S1 Dream T. 

A big differentiating factor is that the Oscar II doesn't have volumetric dosing. Instead, it comes equipped for manual dosing (which proficient baristas sometimes prefer).

If you or your staff enjoy greater control over the brew cycle, the Ocar II is a viable option. But if you want a machine that generates repeatable results by any user, the S1 Dream T may be more aligned with your goals.

About the Brand

la spaziale logo

Founded in 1969 by experts seeking to build the most advanced espresso technology, La Spaziale continues to lead the way in innovation.

The company's motto: Technically advanced equipment must be balanced with an elegant, simple design.

This brand is well-respected in the industry and produces a number of direct-connect and pour-over machine lines, including the S2, the S9 and the Vivaldi II.

Ideal Machine Applications

Both of the S1 Dream models are adaptable for small restaurants as well as home and office use. That being said, the different machine configurations are especially suited to specific operations.

For more casual use in a non-commercial setting, the pour-over model (the S1 Dream T) is particularly appropriate.

For small businesses including restaurants and shops that don't focus on coffee as their main product, the plumbed S1 Dream will perform with seamless efficiency.

What Customers Say

We tend to receive quite positive feedback on our La Spaziale products. We're told that they're hardy machines that rarely have any service issues. 

These machines are hard-working and hassle-free, requiring minimal maintenance while keeping up with a demanding pace.


At Majesty Coffee, we offer competitive pricing on all of our espresso equipment. To meet the needs of any budget, our S1 Dream models are priced at the lower end of the 2,000-dollar range.

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