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La Pavoni Bar-L Review (We Cover 2L & 3L)

Which espresso machine has the features you need to support your business? This La Pavoni Bar L review is going to be your guide through all the functions of this machine so that you can decide whether it's the correct decision.

la pavoni bar L

Here's what we're covering...

  • The Bar L's key features and what they mean for you.
  • Advice on which Bar L configuration to choose for your professional needs.
  • How this machine compares to models with similar features.
  • Which operations the Bar L works best for.
  • A brand reliability assessment, including history and background information.

On to the Bar L features...

Quick Summary

La Pavoni Bar L

La Pavoni 2 Group Commercial Lever Espresso Machine BAR 2L BAR 2L-B

Designed with manual lever operation, efficient temperature regulation and a large, powerful boiler, this commercial espresso machine is a robust option for anyone looking to achieve mastery of their craft. This is the best option for expert baristas in medium to large specialty coffee shops.

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Key Features And What They Mean

Manual Lever Operation

The La Pavoni Bar L is a fully manual machine. Whereas automated machines begin the brew cycle through programming or by the user pressing a button, the Bar L is entirely operated and controlled by lever.

Inside the machine, a spring piston is triggered when the barista pulls the lever, pushing the water through the coffee in the group head. The barista manually controls every aspect of extraction, from pressure to timing.

This affords the most proficient baristas the opportunity to craft stellar espresso by hand, which is impressive to customers and the professional community, not to mention rewarding for expert baristas.

Thermal Stability

The Bar L's thermal stability system keeps water temperatures even, a crucial part of ensuring quality extraction and maintaining product consistency.

The thermal control system in the Bar L allows hot water from the boiler to circulate through the groups, generating temperature stability by clever design.

Anti-Vacuum Valve

Because steam wands can be difficult to keep clean and clear of clogging issues, the anti-vacuum valve is a high-value mechanism that will ultimately save you time and energy.

This valve stops milk from traveling into the steam wand during frothing, eliminating the need for constant purging and preventing clogs that can affect production.

Large Boiler

Most medium to large coffee shops can easily make 100 to several hundred drinks a day. That means that they'll need an espresso machine with a large enough boiler to handle that kind of volume.

The Bar L's boiler can handle back-to-back orders in the hundreds all day long. If you're looking for a manual machine that can keep up with customer traffic or you're planning to expand your business, the Bar L is the solution.

Power Saving Switch

With a four-position power switch, baristas can operate the Bar L at three-quarter power during non-peak hours.

This is a bonus that can give business owners a bigger ROI, faster. Electricity bills climb with each piece of equipment, and money saved with energy-efficient features adds up over time.

Telescopic Handles

If you've ever moved an espresso machine, you've probably noticed how heavy and bulky it is. Telescopic handles make this process much easier.

Even if you just need to move the machine a short distance or adjust its position, the handles are a major help. They're the kinds of details that make La Pavoni a leader in design for highly functional espresso machines.

Different Configurations

La Pavoni 2 Group Commercial Lever Espresso Machine

La Pavoni 2 Group Commercial Lever Espresso Machine BAR 2L

The La Pavoni 2 Group Bar 2L has two press-forged brass and chrome-plated groups operated by independent levers.

What two-group machines offer is a way to accommodate all of your customers with greater efficiency as multiple espresso drinks can be made simultaneously.

Other features of the Bar 2L include: 

  • Two steam wands
  • One hot water outlet with a flexible spout
  • Direct water feed for automatic boiler refill

The Bar 2L is also designed with a 14-liter boiler that's more than sufficient for keeping up with non-stop drink orders in a busy establishment. 

La Pavoni 3 Group Commercial Lever Espresso Machine

La Pavoni 3 Group Commercial Lever Espresso Machine BAR BAR 3L-B

This version of the La Pavoni Bar L is equipped with all the features of the 2L, but it comes with three groups instead of two.

With three lever-operated groups, multiple baristas can comfortably work on the machine to increase output exponentially.

The Bar 3L has a 22-liter boiler capable of sustaining a continuous flow of production for the busiest of high-volume shops.

Businesses that produce hundreds of drinks per day at a quick pace stand to gain the most from the Bar 3L.

Comparable Alternatives

Victoria Arduino Athena Leva Lever Espresso Machine

Victoria Arduino Athena Leva Lever Espresso Machine

Available in two-group and three-group models, the Victoria Arduino Athena Leva is a similar lever-operated model with a direct water feed.

The Athena Leva is a gorgeous machine with an ethereal touch. It comes with Cool Touch wands that are insulated to protect baristas from steam wand burns, and it looks absolutely stunning in chrome or copper.

A tireless machine, the Athena Leva comes with a large-capacity boiler system that can match the La Pavoni Bar L's. However, it does come with a higher price tag.

But for its functionality and grace, the Victoria Arduino Athena Leva is seen by many coffee shop owners as a wise investment for enhancing overall business value.

About the Brand

La Pavoni

La Pavoni is a long-time leader in high-standard espresso equipment. Established in 1905, the company has been building eye-catching, technologically advanced machines for over a century.

La Pavoni designs machines to excel in home, office and commercial settings. Some top-notch commercial models include the volumetric Bar T 2V and the Bar-Star.

Ideal Machine Applications

Specialty coffee shops are where the La Pavoni Bar L thrives, but the different configurations are best suited to particular environments.

Medium-sized coffee shops and cafes will have more than enough power from the Bar 2L. The Bar 3L is designed for larger shops, able to serve high numbers and breeze through long customer lines throughout the day.

Any establishment with expertly trained baristas can dazzle their customers with either Bar L model.

What Customers Say

From the feedback we receive, our La Pavoni machines exceed our customers' expectations. They're hard-working, durable and efficient.

These machines are built to last for a long time with proper maintenance. Our customers come to rely on their La Pavoni machines for high-quality production, year after year.


Because we strive to accommodate all budgets, we offer the specialty La Pavoni Bar L at an affordable rate.

Our La Pavoni Bar 2L machines are priced at a six-percent discount, bringing the cost down to $6,100. A five-percent discount lowers the price of the Bar 3L to $7,100.

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