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Jura Z8 vs S8: Which is Better?

jura z8 vs s8

Are you looking to add the convenience of a superautomatic espresso machine to your kitchen?

Jura is a manufacturer that designs quality superautomatic machines, which make your favorite espresso-based drinks a mere button or screen away. 

In this guide, we’ll compare the Jura Z8 vs S8. We’ll illuminate some of the features of these great superautomatic espresso machines to help you choose between them.

This is what we’ll go over:

  • What features the Z8 and S8 have in common

  • What features are different between these machines

  • How to decide which one is better for you


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Jura Z8

Jura S8


Jura Z8 Aluminum Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Machine 1200 milliliter with Touch screen

Jura S8 Automatic Coffee Machine 64 oz, Moonlight Silver

Machine Type






Energy Save Mode



Heating System

Dual thermoblock

Single thermoblock

Drink Choices



Water Tank Illumination



Ideal Uses




Here’s the bottom line:

Both are excellent machines for beginners at home. 

But the Jura Z8 is a bit faster and offers more variety, so it would be the better choice for places where more than one person will be using it, such as households with multiple espresso drinkers.

The Jura S8 brings the legendary ease of use associated with superautomatic machines at a reduced price, and is a solid pick for those who don’t need as much variety or those who have a more restrictive budget.

But, prices are subject to change. We recommend that you carefully check the prices at the time you look at the Z8 or S8 if the cost is crucial for you.

With 21 different drinks to choose from, the Jura Z8 is the ultimate superautomatic machine for the at-home coffee connoisseur. This is the perfect machine for those who crave variety or households where multiple people want to make their own drinks.

The Jura S8 comes from the chic S line, with a striking stainless steel spout against a backdrop of silver and black. With the ability to make 15 different drinks, this is the ideal choice for those looking to add a high-tech espresso machine to their repertoire on a budget.



One of the greatest things the Z8 and S8 have in common is their basic machine type: superautomatic.

If you’ve ever wished that the perfect latte or cappuccino could be made for you at home with little to no effort, superautomatic machines are exactly what you need. You can think of them as a barista that sits on top of your counter.

To get started on either one of these machines, you simply choose which drink you want, then wait. The Z8 and S8 will take care of the rest, from grinding the espresso to steaming the milk.

The end result is a high-quality and aromatic cup of coffee just the way you like it.


When you go to your favorite coffee shop, you rightfully expect quality. 

A factor that heavily contributes to the quality of an espresso is how it’s extracted. Uneven extraction can lead to bitter and lackluster flavors that keep you from going back for more.

That’s why these Jura models both use the innovative Pulse Extraction Process. Rather than one steady stream of water, the machine releases water in brief bursts during the brew cycle, forcing the water to soak every single granule of coffee.

What you end up with is a full-bodied and fragrant coffee that’s a delight to all your senses. 

A bonus to the Pulse Extraction Process is that it also optimizes the time spent brewing each espresso, so you can enjoy beverages that much sooner.


New appliances can add up to higher utility bills, but that doesn’t have to be the case with the Z8 or S8.

Both these models come with an optional energy save mode. While the energy save mode is on, the machine automatically cools down in between drinks, reducing its energy consumption. 

This means that when you make a new drink, you’ll need to wait for the machine to warm itself back up. 

If you want to skip the wait, you can turn off the energy save mode, and the Z8 and S8 will keep themselves up to temperature.


Either one of these machines comes with sleek touchscreen displays.

That makes operating the Jura Z8 or S8 as simple as using your phone or a tablet. 

An added benefit to these displays is that they simply make the machines look more modern. As a result, both of these models would look right at home in any modern-style kitchen. 


Many people user water filters at home so they can enjoy fresh, crisp water without the taste of any metals.

This is what the optional Clearyl smart filters in the Z8 and S8 accomplish. They remove elements such as chlorine or copper from your water, so that your espresso isn’t hampered by unwelcome extra flavors. 

Additionally, the Clearyl smart filters guard your investment by protecting your machines from scale buildup that can damage them over time.



If you don’t have the most room available in your kitchen, the size of any appliance on your list grows in importance. 

Although the Z8 and S8 are remarkably similar in other features, their difference in size might be one of the first things you notice. The larger of the two, the Z8 measures at 15 inches tall, 12.6 inches wide, and 17.7 inches deep. 

The S8 is slightly smaller. It measures at 13.7 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and 17.5 inches deep. 

The size isn’t drastically different, but if you’re really short on space, an extra inch two can sometimes make all the difference.


Most people can agree that the more choices you have, the better. 

With 21 different drinks to choose from, the Jura Z8 offers plenty of options when you find yourself craving espresso. You’ll likely find your favorite espresso-based drink on the list. 

This is also great for entire households full of espresso lovers who each have their own favorite drinks.

At the same time, the S8 has 15 drink options. It’s not quite as many, but will still meet the needs of most people with plenty of choices for when your moods and cravings change.


On the Jura S8, you need to wait for a short period of time between steaming milk and brewing the espresso because it has a single heating system.

With the Z8, this waiting period is removed. With its dual thermoblock heating system, it can steam and brew together, so you can enjoy a creamy latte even quicker. 


Both these machines have water tanks built into the side, but only the Z8 has blue lights built into the bottom of the tank.

These soothing blue lights do more than look pretty – they also serve to let you clearly see where the water level is at. If you run your machine when the water level is too low, you risk damaging it. 

The lights solve this problem by making it clear, even in darker rooms, when your tank needs a refill.


With either the Jura Z8 or Jura S8, you’ll get the user-friendliness that superautomatic machines are known for. 

But there are still situations in which either one of these choices might be better-suited than the other.

For instance, if you’re not the only one who’s going to use the machine, you might want it to have more variety to choose from, like what you’ll find on the Z8. This might be the case in households with multiple espresso enthusiasts.

On the other hand, if you don’t require as much, then the S8 will more than likely meet your needs.

If your kitchen is absolutely packed and you don’t have much space to spare, the extra inches shaved off the S8 might make all the difference in your decision.

For those who need their beverages to be made as quickly as possible, the dual thermoblock heating system in the Z8 is a game changer. This could be crucial if you often find yourself needing a fast espresso before heading to work in the morning, or situations where more than one person needs a drink.

For more information on the Jura Z8 or Jura S8, check out these listings on Amazon:

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