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Jura Z8 vs GIGA 6: Which is Better?

jura z8 vs giga 6

Torn between the Jura Giga 6 and the Jura Z8?

If you’re not sure which one of these superautomatic machines you should buy, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll be comparing and contrasting the Jura Z8 vs Giga 6. 

This is what we’ll go over:

  • Similar features the Z8 and Giga 6 share

  • Different features between these machines

  • How you can decide between them

Let’s dive right in. 


Mobile users can scroll left and right on the table by swiping left and right.


Jura Z8

Jura Giga 6


Jura Z8 Aluminum Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Machine 1200 milliliter with Touch screen

Jura GIGA 6 Aluminum Automatic Coffee Machine

Machine Type



Heating System

Dual thermoblock

Dual thermoblock




Energy Save Mode



Drink Choices






Ideal Uses




Here’s the bottom line:

The Giga 6 is better equipped to deal with the demands of large households or those with frequent guests, given its extended menu and second grinder.

But the Z8 is perfect for most home users who want an easy-to-use superautomatic machine for a more modest cost.

With cutting-edge features like artificial intelligence, the Jura Giga 6 brings a futuristic flair to any kitchen. This is the perfect machine for tech-savvy users who want to enjoy a huge variety of espresso drinks with little to no effort.

The stylish metallic exterior and blue-lit water tank make the Jura Z8 look clean and modern. It’s ideal for trendy homes with multiple espresso drinkers. 



At their core, both the Giga 6 and Z8 are superautomatic espresso machines.

What does that mean for you?

Quite simply, it means convenience. Using either of these machines, a variety of espresso drinks can be made for you, from grinding the beans to pouring the finished product in your cup.

Traditionally, you would need to grind your own beans and froth your own milk, but superautomatic machines eliminate those steps and streamline the process. 

All you need to do is choose which drink you want, then let the machines take care of the rest. 


The Pulse Extraction Process used by the Z8 and Giga 6 is designed to guarantee every espresso is well-rounded and aromatic.

In other espresso machines, a steady stream of water is released during the extraction process. In these Jura models, the brewing water is released in short bursts instead.

What this does is assure that every single particle of espresso is reached, so that the drink at the end is bursting with flavor. 

Additionally, the Pulse Extraction Process hones the extraction time, so the brewing cycle doesn’t take quite as long. Because of this, your wait until the first delightful sip is even shorter.


If you have a need for speed, you’ll love the dual thermoblock system utilized by these machines.

In some espresso machines, especially in many designed for home use, you often have to wait after brewing to steam and vice versa. This is because a lot of home espresso machines have only one boiler for steaming and brewing.

These Jura models have a dual thermoblock system, so they’re able to froth your milk and brew your espresso at the same time. You won’t need to wait long at all before you’re enjoying your perfectly foamy cappuccino.


Both the Z8 and Giga 6 come equipped with an optional energy-saving mode that’s environmentally and budget-friendly at the same time. 

If you turn the energy save mode on, the espresso machine will cool down in between uses, reducing the amount of energy being used. This does mean, however, that you will need to wait for it to bring itself back up to temperature the next time you want to make espresso.

The energy save mode can be toggled off if you’re in a rush or otherwise find the heat-up time inconvenient. Either way, it’s always great to have the option to save a few bucks on your electricity bills.


Do you have a lot of experience navigating through touchscreens?

If so, then you’ve got all the experience you’ll need to operate the Z8 or Giga 6. Both are controlled through crystal-clear touchscreen displays right on the front.

On top of looking smooth and state-of-the-art, touchscreens mean you won’t need to worry about hunting for obscure buttons or more commonly used buttons getting stuck after heavy use. 

You’ll be able to comfortably swipe the screen to cycle through drink choices, and tap on whichever one you desire.


By using the Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E.) phone app, the Z8 and Giga 6 truly tap into the future.

Just about any smart phone can download the free J.O.E. app, which you can use to remotely control the machine. You can stay in bed in the morning just a little while longer, essentially ordering whatever beverage you’re craving from the comfort of your covers.


Most coffee shops have different sizes of drinks on their menus for customers who need more or less coffee.

The adjustable spouts on the Giga 6 and Z8 make this possible from home, too. You can move the spouts up or down to accommodate cups of virtually any size.

So if you find yourself needing just a bit more coffee to get you through the day, all you need to do is slide the spout up, start the machine, and wait. 



Most coffee-centric businesses have tons of choices to choose from so that just about everyone can find something. With these machines, you can have similar variety in the comfort of your own home.

Either one of these Jura models comes with a huge collection of drinks to suit a number of tastes. The Z8, to begin with, has 21 different common coffee shop drinks, with classics like cappuccinos and lattes available.

The Giga 6 takes it up a notch by having 28 beverage choices. This puts it on par with even some of the more complex coffee shop menus – it definitely has something for pretty much anyone.

For many households, the additional 7 options in the Giga 6 may not matter. These cases are generally satisfied with the ample options provided by the Z8.


As superautomatic espresso machines, both the Z8 and Giga 6 come with built-in grinders so you can enjoy the taste of freshly ground espresso each time.

But rather than just having one grinder like the Z8, the Giga 6 is built with a second grinder. This gives you the ability to offer two different kinds of coffee beans at once, such as regular and decaf. 

You can get a lot out of this at home, especially if you prefer caffeine in the morning, but decaf in the evening.


Size can make a difference, especially in kitchens at home with limited room.

More features tend to contribute to a bigger size, which is the case with the Giga 6. It’s 16.3 inches tall, 12.6 inches wide, and 18.9 inches deep.

A little more petite, the Z8 is 15 inches tall, 12.6 inches wide, and 17.7 inches deep. 

At a glance, the difference in size isn’t hugely noticeable. But in some layouts, every inch matters, and the Z8’s slightly more compact frame might be the reason the owner of a cramped countertop chooses it in the end.


When more than one person uses the same espresso machine, it can be hard to keep track of water levels in its tank.

The problem with this is that running your machine when the water is too low can damage it. That’s why the Z8 has blue lights at the bottom of its reservoir that clearly illuminate the water within it.

With nothing more than a quick look, you’ll be able to see when more water is needed even when the room is dark. 


You really can’t get more cutting-edge than the Jura Giga 6’s artificial intelligence.

If it sound intimidating on the surface, rest assured that it’s only there to make the Giga 6 even more intuitive. What it does is use algorithms to keep track of the drinks you’re making the most, so they appear right at the beginning of the drink list on the screen.

No more scrolling through tons of options to find your favorites. They’ll all be front and center for easy access.

But if you’d prefer not to use the artificial intelligence, you can also turn it off. 

At the end of the day, the Giga 6 is a machine all about giving you as many choices as you could dream of.


Choosing between two superautomatic espresso machines can be difficult, since either one will deliver a tasty and effortless espresso to you.

To make your decision, you’ll need to focus on what makes either one unique and filter those differences through the lens of your own specific needs.

Like with many other purchases, you can start by examining the price. If you’re looking for something a bit less expensive, the Jura Z8 is a strong contender to go with.

It's worth noting that prices may change, though. Make sure you pay careful attention to price at the time you research these machines.

The Giga 6’s second grinder is also useful in scenarios where more people will be using the machine, because it adds the option of a second kind of coffee.

If cutting-edge is your scene, you’ll get a lot out of the Giga 6’s AI. Although the touchscreens on either one of these machines would look equally impressive in high-end homes.

You should also consider the layout of the space you have for a prospective espresso machine. For those places where space is restricted, you may want to consider the Z8.

If you want more information on the Jura Giga 6 or the Jura Z8, take a look at them here:

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