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JURA Z8 vs GIGA 5: Which is Better?

jura z8 vs giga 5

Wondering whether you should add the Jura Z8 or Jura Giga 5 to your kitchen?

We’ve created this guide to compare the Jura Z8 vs Giga 5. We’ll dig into the core of these impressive superautomatic espresso machines so you can make an informed decision.

Here’s what you can expect to discover:

  • Features the Z8 and Giga 5 share 
  • Differences between these models and how they affect you
  • Our advice for which one is right for you

Quick Summary

Mobile users can scroll left and right on the table by swiping left and right.


Jura Z8 

Jura Giga 5


Jura Z8 Aluminum Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino Machine 1200 milliliter with Touch screen

Machine Type






Coffee Strength Settings



Heating System

Dual thermoblock

Dual thermoblock

Number of Grinders



Number of Drink Choices



Ideal Uses




This is our recommendation:

The Giga 5 is a fantastic selection for home kitchens of those with a sweet tooth who might prefer drinks like mango lassis. Its dual hoppers are also great for saving counter space by allowing you to store more coffee beans in the machine.

Choose the Z8 if you’re a prosumer who wants access to a wider array of enduring espresso hits. Cappucino, latte, and Americano lovers will rejoice with the Z8.

A menu of 21 drinks with 10 different coffee strength levels makes the Jura Z8 about as expansive as a coffee shop menu. This is a must-have for homes with multiple espresso fans. 

Two built-in bean hoppers in the Jura Giga 5 make it an appealing model for the cramped countertops of adventurous home baristas. It comes with 12 pre-programmed intriguing coffee shop recipes, such as Irish coffee or flavored latte macchiato.



Have you ever wished that you could enjoy professional-level coffee without making a trip to a coffee shop?

More and more people are adding espresso machines to their homes for that exact reason. But many espresso machines take some time to learn before you’re making consistent high-end lattes or cappuccinos.

With superautomatic machines like the Jura Z8 and Giga 5, learning to make your favorite coffee shop drinks has never been easier. Rather than having to worry about grinding your beans, tamping your grounds, and frothing your milk, these machines will handle everything for you.


Both these Jura models are pour-over machines, which means you need to replenish the water in their tanks periodically.

One of the greatest benefits to this design is the mobility. Unlike direct-connect machines, which need to be connected to a water line, pour-over machines can function anywhere. 

With pour-over machines, we do recommend using water filters or softeners to guard them from scaling. Fortunately, both the Z8 and Giga 5 are compatible with Clearyl water filters that accomplish this for you.


Need to pour yourself a larger drink?

The beverage spouts on the Z8 and Giga 5 can be slid up or down for different heights. If you’re craving a larger cup, simply move the spout higher and you’ll be able to fit it comfortably beneath the spout.


Forgetting to turn off an appliance can lead to a nasty shock when you get your utility bills.

This problem is nothing more than a distant memory with the Z8 and Giga 5. You’re able to program times for them to switch off themselves, so you never accidentally leave them running. 

This keeps your electricity bill manageable and helps protect your espresso machine from running dry.


Programming the time for these machines to switch off in advance isn’t the only energy-efficient feature they offer.

Either the Z8 or Giga 5 incorporate an additional energy save mode which will keep the machine from working too hard to stay heated. With the energy save mode activated, the machine will cool down after each beverage.

Whenever you make another drink, it will need time to warm itself up again. If you want to skip this wait time, you can just turn the energy save mode back off. 


With two powerful thermoblock boilers, the Z8 and Giga 5 are both capable of steaming and brewing at the same time.  

With some other designs, you have to wait after brewing to steam your milk or after steaming your milk to brew. If you’re in a rush, you may not have the time to wait. 

This is what makes the thermoblock heating system so ingenious. Quite simply, it leads to a shorter wait time for every single drink



The majority of businesses that sell coffee have more than one kind available on their menu.

Two grinders and hoppers on top of the Giga 5 make it possible for you to do the same thing in the comfort of your own home. You can store regular and decaf or regular and a flavored blend – any combination of coffees is possible.

In comparison, the Z8 has a single grinder and bean hopper. For many kitchens, this is more than enough, but if you need a bit more variety in your coffee beans, you may get use out of the additional hopper on the Giga 5.


Either the Z8 or the Giga 5 come with a number of pre-programmed drinks for you to choose from at your leisure – the difference here is the amount of options available on each one.

The Giga 5 has 12 different options to try. You’ll find compelling and unique beverages, such as flavored latte macchiato, Irish coffee, or mango lassi on the menu here.

But if you’re looking for the drinks you’ll usually run into at the average coffee shop, the Z8’s 21-drink menu may be more to your liking. It consists of much-loved classics like cappuccinos and Americanos.


Further upping their customization game, the Z8 and Giga 5 each allow you to personalize the strength of each espresso or coffee you make.

The Giga 5 comes with 5 available strength levels you can use to tweak your caffeine. Comparatively, the Z8 doubles your options with 10 adjustable strength levels.

These additional choices can really come in handy the more people are using the machine. That way, everyone can find the settings to make a drink just the way they like it. 


At-home prosumers need to consider their available room when they purchase an espresso machine.

To ensure your purchase fits into your layout, take a look at the dimensions before you buy. 

In this comparison, the Giga 5 is a bit larger. It’s 16.3 inches tall, 12.6 inches wide, and 18.9 inches long. 

The Z8 is slightly smaller, measuring in at 15 inches tall, 12.6 inches wide, and 17.7 inches long. 

Truthfully, this size difference may be unnoticeable at a glance. But if you have a specific space planned out for your espresso machine, even one or two inches may be crucial.


Just about everyone has experience with a touchscreen, whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet, or some other appliance.

This same familiar feature is brought to espresso machines, as well, on the Jura Z8. The display right on the front of the machine is a straightforward 4.3-inch touchscreen.

Scrolling through the kinds of drinks or making adjustments is as simple as swiping the screen, just like on a phone.

The Giga 5, alternatively, uses shining silver buttons to navigate through its menus. The display isn’t complicated by an excess of buttons, however, so it’s also intuitive and easy to use.


You may have used an app or a site to skip the line in a coffee shop or restaurant by ordering ahead of time. 

The same thing can be accomplished with the Jura Operation Experience (J.O.E.) app, which the Z8 is compatible with. After installing the free app on your phone or tablet, you can place orders remotely.

This is just like ordering your favorite coffee shop drinks in advance. You can even use the app to order multiple drinks at a time.

So if you find your morning routine difficult, you can stay in bed just little while longer and find your coffee already waiting for you in the kitchen once you’re ready.


Even with machines as similar as the Giga 5 and the Z8, there are applications where either one will shine the brightest.

For instance, the Giga 5 is well-suited for homes craving boutique coffee shop drinks like a marrochino. 

The Giga 5’s extra hopper and grinder also makes it a welcome addition in kitchens where there isn't a lot of room to store bags of coffee beans. It also allows you to grind regular and decaf without switching the beans out.

But if you’re looking for tried and true shop standards, the Z8 comes with a menu packed full of beloved beverages. With 21 of the most popular espresso-based drinks, including cappuccinos or macchiatos, you’ll have access to all the barista staples right at home.

That’s what makes the Z8 especially attuned to homes that just want to enjoy a simple and timeless espresso. 

Technology lovers will be over the moon for the low-maintenance touchscreen and J.O.E. app used by the Jura Z8, as well. If you enjoy the ease of use touchscreens are known for, this machine is an outstanding choice. 

You can find out more about either one of these machines here:

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