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How To Make Matcha Lattes (**Easy Home Recipe**)

Matcha and latte go together like peanut butter and jelly. Looking for easy recipes for homemade matcha lattes? I've got you covered!

In this article, I share the best matcha latte recipes, both iced and hot, so that you can make matcha lattes at home like a pro!

how to make matcha latte

What is Matcha Powder?

Matcha is not your ordinary green tea cocktail. In fact, "​Matcha​" is a term to coin powdered tea. ​​​

​Compared to the traditional way of drinking tea which is by infusing green tea leaves with hot water and discarding it right after, matcha allows you to enjoy the richness of the drink's flavor straight from the leaves.

matcha latte powder

As mentioned earlier, matcha is made of finely ground green tea leaves. A cup of matcha tea is often made by mixing a teaspoon of matcha powder with at least 3/4 cup of hot water.

To yield the best quality of matcha powder, the green tea plants, specifically camellia sinensise, are grown under the shade three to four weeks prior to its harvest.

Processing simply means that the best buds are hand picked with its stems and veins removed. These leaves are then briefly steamed and dried before being stone-ground to the finest grain.

Benefits of Drinking Matcha Lattes

​First and foremost, matcha is not your ordinary green tea drink. Compared to the latter, matcha offers much more health benefits.

​Basically, matcha is rich in a special type of catechin known as epigallocatechin gallate or simply EGCG.

This antioxidant works as an anti-cancer agent and matcha powder has lots of it. Although a regular green tea brew also contains the said cancer fighting agent, matcha has around 20-25 mg more per serving.

Aside from EGCG, matcha is filled with a wide variety of antioxidants. ​Antioxidants in a single cup of matcha is equivalent to about 10 cups of regular green tea brew. Antioxidants are essential in helping our body boost its defense system against aging, infections, and diseases. 

matcha lattes at home

Matcha is also considered a super food for those who want to lose some weight. It is essentially a metabolism booster and has been proven to speed up calorie burning by up to four times.

​Apart from boosting one's immunity and helping in weight loss, matcha offers a long line of other health benefits. This includes lowering blood cholesterol and sugar, improving concentration, relaxing the body, and enhancing the mood.

How Does Matcha Latte Taste?

​The taste of matcha varies according to its quality. Sub-quality matcha powder may taste quite bitter but a premium variety has a rather smooth and sweet lingering taste. 

Growing the green tea plant under the shade for three to four months prior to harvest results to high cholorophyll content.

And this property provides the unique taste of matcha tea that is similar to cooked vegetables.

make matcha latte at home

Is Matcha Latte Healthy?

Drinking matcha and a regular green tea brew are both healthy.  But it is not recommended to drink more than two cups of matcha tea everyday. 

Apart from increasing the risk of contracting esophageal cancer due to excessive consumption of hot drinks, matcha has been studied and proven to contain more lead than a regular green tea brew.

The following video will tell you more about the health benefits you can enjoy out of drinking matcha green tea.

How To Make Matcha Lattes At Home

Making matcha lattes are simple, but you do need a bit of supplies to make them at home. Luckily, all the supplies are relatively affordable (see below my recommendations). It's the matcha itself that tends to be pricey. 

how to make matcha coffee at home

What you need to make matcha latte: 

  1. Premium grade matcha powder

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  1. Sieve
  2. Bamboo matcha scoop
  3. Matcha bowl and whisk
  4. Milk frother

Here are the best milk frothers for home latte making.

  1. And of course, a mug

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Easy Matcha Latte Home Recipe

  1. First, loosen the powder using a sieve
  2.  If a strainer is not around, you can use a fork to eliminate those clumps 
  3. Mix 1 and a half scoops of matcha powder with 1/3 cup of hot water at 175 degrees Fahrenheit inside the matcha bowl
  4. Whisk the mixture appropriately in circular motion until a smooth and foamy texture is achieved.
  5. Set the matcha solution aside as you heat and froth your milk with the help of your milk frother.
  6. Pour the matcha tea first into the mug
  7. Slowly follow through with your hot milk and its froth
  8. Lastly, top off your drink with a little dusting of matcha powder (like the pros!)
dusting of matcha powder on matcha lattes

How To Make Iced Matcha Lattes At Home

Matcha green tea latte can also be enjoyed on the rocks! 

Here's what you need to make iced matcha lattes:

  1. Martini shaker
  2. Tall clear glass
  3. Ice cubes
  4. At least 3 oz of chilled, frothed milk
  5. 1 shot espresso

Home Recipe for Iced Matcha Latte

Here's how to make the cold version of matcha latte...

  1. First thing you need to do is to sift at least two teaspoons of matcha powder into the martini shaker.
  2. Fill the container with one half cup filtered water and one ice cube.
  3. Shake the martini shaker rigorously for at least about 1-2 minutes or until the powder becomes completely dissolved into the water.
  4. Pour the tea into the glass with three to four ice cubes in it.
  5. Pour over 1 shot espresso 
  6. Follow through with frothed milk that you have chilled earlier.
iced matcha latte recipe

You can add a dash of honey or sugar to add a little sweetness to your iced matcha powder latte.

And of course, don't forget to sprinkle a little matcha powder on top!

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