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Eureka Atom Pro vs 75: Which Should You Buy?

If you want the best possible coffee or espresso, you’ll need a quality grinder. Eureka is well-known for making fantastic options for both homes and commercial settings.

Their Atom series includes a few top-notch grinders. In this guide, we’ll be comparing two grinders from this series: the Eureka Atom Pro vs 75.

You’ll discover the following:

  • Qualities the Atom Pro and Atom 75 share
  • The differences between these grinders
  • Pricing information
  • How to decide which one to pick

Quick Summary

Eureka Atom Pro

Eureka Atom pro Profile

The Eureka Atom Pro is the most recent addition to the Atom family. As such, it has many improvements that make it an exceptional commercial grinder, like its powerful motor and cooling fan. It’s designed to grind continuously without overheating.

Eureka Atom 75

As an advanced grinder, the Eureka Atom 75 has the power to stand its ground in commercial environments, but it also has features that make it desirable for home users, too. Its stepless grind system gives you endless texture possibilities, while its timed dosing is beginner-friendly.

Key Similarities

Stepless Grind Adjustment

Each type of coffee blend requires its own fineness when it’s ground. Espresso, for example, has to be ground really finely. The same goes with Turkish blends.

French press coffee, on the other hand, needs a course grind.

In general, grinders have two main methods of adjusting the fineness: stepless or stepped. Both these Atom grinders are stepless, which means you have infinitely more flexibility.

That’s because, rather than being limited to pre-built notches for fineness levels, you can turn the adjustment dial to any setting. Anything on the dial is accessible.

This is the preference for experts. Although a stepped grind adjustment system is a bit easier, there are naturally some gaps between the settings.

Burr Type and Size

The burrs are one of the most important parts to your grinder. Both the Atom Pro and 75 use flat burrs, which means the burrs are shaped like two flat discs that rest on top of one another.

One of the benefits of flat burrs is that they tend to lead to a sweet, chocolatey flavor in the coffee. Another advantage is the consistently uniform particles you’ll get from flat burrs, which helps ensure each cup is of a similar quality.

Hands-Free Grinding

In a busy coffee shop, you won’t want your employees to have to put down everything they’re doing whenever they need to grind more coffee or espresso. The amount of time spent holding a portafilter or bag in place really does add up.

That’s why both these Atom grinders have portafilter holders attached to them. You can just set the portafilter in place and attend to other matters while the grinder works for you.

This is beneficial for users at home, too. It frees your hands up so you can focus on another part of your morning routine while you grind fresh coffee for yourself.

On-Demand Grinding

Fresh coffee doesn’t just mean it’s been brewed recently – it also means grinding the beans recently, too. As soon as coffee is ground, it rapidly becomes stale through a process known as oxidation.

Because of this, you want to use grounds as soon as possible. The sooner you use them after they’ve been ground, the better your coffee will taste.

Not all grinders accommodate this level of freshness. Some, for instance, grind into containers, allowing you to store a large amount in advance. If you’re going to use a lot, this isn’t necessarily an issue.

But in general, on-demand grinding, used in both the Atom Pro and 75, is best for fresher coffee while reducing waste. Rather than grinding batches, you’ll grind precisely as much as you need when you need it in either of these grinders.

This means you or your customers are getting the freshest possible cup every time. It also means waste is drastically reduced, because you’re only getting exactly the amount you need.


Hopper Capacity

Continuous grinding means you’ll rapidly deplete the supply of beans in your grinder. The larger the hopper you have, the longer you’ll be able to go before it needs a refill.

This is one aspect in which these Atom grinders differ. If you’re looking for a larger hopper, you’ll prefer the Atom 75, which can hold up to three pounds.

The Atom Pro’s grinder is approximately a third of that size. It can hold around one pound of coffee beans.


Size really does matter in the world of coffee. Whether you’re looking for a grinder for a business or your own home, you have a limited amount of space to work with.

Because of that, the dimensions of any prospective grinder may be important to you. There is a slight difference in size between these two grinders.

The Atom Pro is 18 inches tall, 7.2 inches wide, and 10.5 inches deep. In comparison, the Atom 75 is 22.5 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and 9 inches deep.

That increased height comes from the 75’s larger hopper. If you’ve got low-hanging cabinets, you may want to go with the Atom Pro simply because it’s shorter.

Motor Power

While there are certainly other factors that contribute to how quickly a grinder can pulverize your coffee beans, the power of the motor is one of the more important ones.

Generally, the more powerful the motor, the faster your grinder can grind. This speed may or may not matter as much in a home, but in a business, it can make all the difference. Your customers don’t want to have to wait for long before they’ve gotten their drink.

Between the Atom Pro and Atom 75, the Atom Pro has the stronger motor at 920 watts. Comparatively, the Atom 75's motor is 800w.

Either one will be capable of speedily grinding your beans, but the Atom Pro will be faster.

Atom Pro Cooling Fan

There’s a risk to grinding nonstop: burning your beans. If you’ve ever gotten an espresso or coffee from a shop and it tasted singed, that’s probably what happened.

Many businesses need to grind beans virtually nonstop, though. This need for continuous grinding is why the Atom Pro has a powerful cooling fan.

The fan works to protect the integrity of your beans even during intense grinding. No more worrying about whether you or your customers are going to end up with a burnt-tasting cup.

Atom 75 Sound Insulation

If atmosphere is important to your home or business, the noise level of your equipment could be critical. In a home, no one wants a grinder that wakes up everyone in the building.

A similar concept applies to businesses, especially when they’re designed to be professional or relaxing. An overly noisy coffee grinder shatters conversations and concentration.

If this is something you’re concerned about, you’ll love the Eureka Atom 75’s sound insulation. It’s been created with peace in mind, so it runs almost perfectly silently.

Your customers will be able to enjoy leisurely conversations or work in peace when the Atom 75 is sitting on your counter.

Atom Pro Blow Up Hopper

Any coffee or espresso expert will tell you that there are so many things that can go wrong in every step of the drink-building process. Everything needs to be fine-tuned to ensure that every cup is the best it can be.

The Atom Pro’s blow up hopper was made to help you reduce grind retention. Retention happens when some of the coffee grounds are left behind in the burrs after grinding.

While it may not seem like too much of an issue initially, think about how those old coffee grounds will get increasingly stale with time. Then imagine how they get mixed into later drinks as more beans are ground.

Therein lies the problem. The Atom Pro addresses the problem by allowing you to clean out leftover grounds. Just push on the top like a pump, and it will help clear itself out.

Atom 75 Timed dosing

Grinding can be hard for novices. If you’re constantly having to train new hires or you’re a home barista just getting started, perfecting your grind is tough.

Timing is everything. You want to get the exact dose you need for each drink, and that comes down to timing.

The Atom 75 makes it easy. You can program single and double doses into it beforehand, so all you need to do is choose the right setting in the future. That makes training new hires on how to use the grinder so much simpler.

Atom Pro Magnetic Hook

While both these grinders have portafilter hooks, there’s something unique about the Atom Pro’s. It’s magnetic.

Here’s why it matters: portafilters come in a range of sizes, and sometimes it’s hard to fit them into a grinder’s portafilter holder. The Atom Pro’s magnetic hook simplifies adjusting the height because you can just pick it off and stick it back on the front wherever you need.

Easy adjustments like this make it possible to comfortably grind into the center of any portafilter. That results in a more balanced extraction, which means a better flavor at the end.

Pricing Information

You’ll find the lowest prices online in the Majesty Coffee Store, including for our grinders.

We offer the Eureka Atom Pro for $1,599 and the Eureka Atom 75 for $1,349.

Which One Should You Buy?

The question of the hour is, which one should you buy between the Eureka Atom Pro and the Atom 75?

That depends on your own personal needs. There isn’t such a thing as a grinder that works for everyone across the board.

If cost is the biggest factor for you, you’ll prefer the Atom 75 because its cost is slightly lower.

Beyond cost, think about the experience levels of the people who will be using it the most. Novices might feel more comfortable with the Atom 75’s timed dosing.

Experts, on the flipside, may prefer the Atom Pro’s manual dosing. It gives them more flexibility to experiment with the dosages.

Also consider how often you’ll be using the grinder. Those who will be using it nearly constantly will need a model with a cooling system like the Atom Pro’s, or they risk burning their beans.

That isn’t as much of a problem for occasional uses, like in a home.

Here’s our suggestion: While both grinders are excellent, the Atom Pro might do better in business settings because of its cooling system and powerful motor.

The Atom 75 could work in commercial environments, but could also be a high-end home machine.

Looking for more information on these grinders? Click either of the links below to view them in our store, or give us a call at (888) 978-5224.

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