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Best Things to Sell in a Coffee Shop: 10 Great Options Customers Love

Best Things to Sell in a Coffee Shop

These days, having a business that only does or sells one thing can be detrimental. In a time where one-stop shops reign supreme, you’ll want to diversify your coffee shop as much as possible to cast the widest net.

You’d be surprised at just how much you can sell in one. In this guide, we’ll illustrate some of the best things to sell in a coffee shop for you.

Sit back with a cup of your favorite brew and read on.

Best Things to Sell in a Coffee Shop

Various Kinds of Coffee

It’s a no-brainer that a coffee shop sells coffee. But gone are the days when the vast majority of people in America only drank drip coffee.

Nowadays, there are all kinds coffee trends that people love. Recently, lattes have been the drink of choice in the United States.

While it’s important to have the basics on your menu, make sure to stay on top of coffee trends. Do your research, and include different types on your menu.

Other Beverages

Just because it's called a coffee shop doesn't mean you have to stick strictly to coffee.

Just because it’s called a coffee shop doesn’t mean you have to stick strictly to coffee. There is a huge plethora of tasty beverages you can put on your menu that your customers will appreciate.

Smoothies are a wonderful example. They have a lot of health benefits, like weight loss and antioxidants, and making them fresh in your shop could bring in those into fitness on their way back from the gym.

Tea is another immensely popular drink. On any given day, the majority of Americans drink tea, and you can cater to them by brewing it fresh for their order.

But tea and smoothies are just the beginning. Apple cider, hot chocolate, and fresh juice are all other possibilities to help you ensure you have something for everyone.


Desserts are a guilty pleasure for many in the world. Some findings indicate that America’s top desserts include cheesecake, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and fudge.

These are all easy recipes to keep in your display case. Plus, they pair well with a hot, comforting drink.

Have a transparent display up front by your register with tastefully arranged sweets. This will encourage customers to take a look at them as they’re ordering and consider grabbing one for themselves.

Worried about your sweets becoming stale? If they don’t sell the day you make them, sell day-old items at a discounted price.

Everyone likes a good deal, after all.


Foods and drinks are an almost inseparable pair. Plus, some foods tend to make people thirsty, so it only makes sense for a coffee shop to have both options on their menu.

To convince customers to stick around for a bit, have a few meal options available. That way, you can catch people on their lunch break or those looking for a quick bite for dinner.

Sandwiches, wraps, cups of soup, and salads are all easy things to prepare. You could even have daily specials where you sell a meal with a drink in a deal customers won’t be able to resist.

Bags of Ground or Whole Bean Coffee

Although many love to treat themselves to a cup from their favorite café, there are still quite a few people who prefer to brew their own coffees at home.

You don’t have to miss out on this market, though. You can sell bags of your most popular coffee blends either as whole beans or grounds.

That way, customers with a discerning taste can still enjoy a coffee shop-quality cup right at home. And you’ll be the one providing it to them, even when they don’t set foot in your business regularly.

Boxed Teas

Just like you can cover a home’s needs for coffee, you can also cover its needs for teas. Most people think of the tea at a coffee shop as an occasional treat.

By selling packaged teas for customers to take home, you can demonstrate that they don’t have to come out to treat themselves. They can enjoy their favorite indulgent flavors without leaving their house.

Since 80% of homes have tea, it’s a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

Locally Made Products

Another good way to work together with businesses is to sell some locally made things in your shop.

Many independent coffee shops are deeply rooted in their communities. Through events, they develop bonds with members and other businesses in their locality.

Aside from hosting events, though, another good way to work together with businesses is to sell some locally made things in your shop. Reach out to any people you know who make crafts they sell on the side.

This could be pretty much anything. Handmade jewelry, candles, soaps, and artwork are just a handful of things you could help local business people sell.

Reusable Cups and Travel Mugs

It’s much more environmentally friendly to have a reusable cup as opposed to constantly getting paper cups. And it’s possible that many of your customers don’t have any reusable travel mugs.

You can sell these travel mugs (or just standard cups) in your shop. Think about putting fun, eye-catching designs on them, as well as your shop’s name or logo.

That way, when a customer drinks from one, they’re also showing off something that’s unique to your business. Maybe someone else will admire it, and want one of their own.

Branded Clothing

Clothes and accessories make it possible for people to show off their favorite brands. If you have a few regulars, they might like to wear clothes with your name and logo on them.

This is also an opportunity to work with artists in your community. Reach out to any you know and see if they would work with you on making designs to put on your clothes.

As far as the actual clothing goes, you’ve got options. Hats, t-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies are common fare that many people like to buy.

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Small Snacks

Desserts aren’t the only kinds of things people want to spoil themselves with. Many pop in your shop for a cup to take on-the-go because they’re in a hurry.

You can reach crowds on the move by having snacks that are easy to transport without making a mess. These could be things like chocolate-covered espresso beans, snack bars, donuts, or scones.

With these available, people in a hurry who are feeling a little hungry will be able to grab something to take along for the ride.

Wrap Up

Your shop doesn’t need to be a niche place where people can only get a cup of coffee. By widening your menu, you’ll ensure you have options for everyone, coffee drinker or not.

Menu items don’t need to be the only things you sell, either. Many coffee shops sell merchandise for customers to enjoy outside of the shop, and you can do the same thing.

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